General   authority   for  social   solidarity   fund    was

Established   by   law  no. 20 of  1998  on social   solidarity,

Amended  by  law  no. 10 of 2000 with regard  to  social   welfare

Fund.   it  is an integrated   system   achieving   social  joint 

Liability  and   solidarity   with  all society  members.  it  also

Realizes   comprehensive  care   to   poor   people,   persons

Suffering   from  sudden   misfortunes, families  who  need 

Social   support,  cases  of  natural  disasters  and   catastrophes,

Old  aged , non- sponsored  children and  disabled  persons  who

Have no  guardians. Orientation  of delinquent  juveniles  & 

Taking care  of  women   and  their  protection, aid pensioners

And  the  alike, give  assistance to needful  big  families  and

Support    limited   income  people  to  bear  family  burdens.





March 2015